Friday, January 20, 2006

10 things I miss about Sydney

Violet Crumble's list of 10 things she misses about Sydney:

10. All the pretty, blue, air-conditioned busses. Trust me, you'll miss it too when you come here and see what the busses here look like :(

9.Indian food...especially my beloved old haunt, Oxford St. Indian. They once made an Indian dessert just for me :D

8.Living so close to the city. And I mean a fun,vibrant,friendly,lively Sydney city,NOT downtown T.O...*sigh*

7.The beaches. The ability to go to the beach in between classes. The fact that UNSW was within walking/bussing distance to all the major beaches in Sydney. The fact that there are any beaches AT ALL.

6.The fact that it only takes 7 hours go home to Jakarta from Sydney (I DON'T miss Qantas' vegetarian meal though *gag*).

5.Cheap,healthy food...ESPECIALLY muesli. I'm actually thinking of setting up an extra-sultana muesli factory here.Anyone want to invest???

4.UNSW...where professors are called by their first names, where tutors are doctoral candidates, where marks are distributed fairly, where full load is 4 subjects, the pretty CLB :D, and all the friends I made there.

3.Being able to wear a sweater over a tanktop in winter.Enough said.

2.Hillsong.I don't care if half of Sydney disses my church,it's the closest thing to a home church away from home I've ever had.

1.New College,New College,New College...greasy Eurest (oops sorry,SCHOLArest :D),free food in multiple suppers,my tiny dusty corner room,people making fun of my degree,basining (don't we all),all the pranks,my bible study groups,and most of all,my friends...thanks for letting me be a part of 1AB you guys,and I wish I was still there...

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Webcams Ahoy!

So anyway, because I live in a hick town (well it's actually quite a big hick town. A hick city even) I'm quite excited about the webcams set up in our main street for the festival. So everyone immediately go to the Tamworth Website and marvel at the wonder of technology!

Oh yeah, and if you stay tuned after the 20th, you'll actually get to see the festival in progress. For now all you can see is a regular old main street.

Right now, listening to The Whitlams' "Love This City". A good choice of album, actually, because I do...

Oh and welcome to all those members who had to get a second invitation (gasp) in order to convince them to join the blog ;-)

Monday, January 16, 2006

Hello All - From Mattieg!

Hi All,
As an unoffical member of 1AB, just thought I would say hello.


Friday, January 13, 2006

Room Allocations

Hi all... again...

I thought this deserved a special post so I separated it from the other post I just made.

I got my room allocation today and I figure people will either already have their's or will be getting their;s soon.

So where will the former residents of 1AB be residing next year?

Oh... I will be in 3H7 at this stage.


Taswegia II

Hi everybody,

Hope everyone's Christmas was enjoyable and you had some time to share with family and remember the reason for our holiday.

I just got back from Tasmania on Wednesday. I've put a post and some photos up on my personal blog at if you want to check it out.

If anyone else has been on a travel adventure of sorts, post some photos so we can all ogle...