Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Webcams Ahoy!

So anyway, because I live in a hick town (well it's actually quite a big hick town. A hick city even) I'm quite excited about the webcams set up in our main street for the festival. So everyone immediately go to the Tamworth Website and marvel at the wonder of technology!

Oh yeah, and if you stay tuned after the 20th, you'll actually get to see the festival in progress. For now all you can see is a regular old main street.

Right now, listening to The Whitlams' "Love This City". A good choice of album, actually, because I do...

Oh and welcome to all those members who had to get a second invitation (gasp) in order to convince them to join the blog ;-)


At 5:53 pm, Blogger Renee said...

This article made it to the 3rd page of Northern Territory News. :)

Tribal boogie wows Tamworth

...Rodger and Rene Bradshaw are popular fixtures in Darwin through the dry season with their band Jabaru, which finished third out of 600 busking acts in the country music capital of Australia, Tamworth, in northwest NSW.

Mr Bradshaw described the latest tour as surreal... "The vibe on the street is really amazing with 600 awesome acts performing for free."

"Everyone is crossing over styles and that blend of different styles is the beauty of the Tamworth music festival."

"There was a couple of young kids performing next to us and they had a sign saying they were busking for a new guitar and then Tommy Emmanuel walked past and saw it and went to a nearby music shop and bought them one - that's the sort of magic that goes on there..."


At 6:04 pm, Blogger redbach said...

Can I just say:


Well I've always said Tamworth is a pretty special place... and that the festival is more than country music.

Not so sure about that story about Tommy Emmanuel buying the buskers a guitar :-S I'm reasonably sure that Tommy didn't come to the festival this year, though I could be wrong. I know that his brother Phil was around because I saw him perform twice, so maybe it was him.

Can't say I saw Jabaru in my travels down the street but I didn't do much busker-spotting, so that's not a surprise...

BTW did anyone actually look at the webcams? I'm not sure if they're still set up. The festival finished on Sunday morning and was pretty much packed up by Sunday night!

At 6:10 pm, Blogger redbach said...

As it turns out, the webcam links have been removed from the Tamworth website after the festival. But never fear, I found the pages still set up buried in the basement of that site and the webcams seem to still be operating.

You can see the two cameras here and here.

Aren't I good to you? :-P


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