Tuesday, February 07, 2006

All is hot on the Western Front

When all other avenues of conversation fail, I was always taught to rely on the weather. Seeing as how it's been a while since anyone's made a new post, I thought it may be an opportune moment to have a mild whinge about the oppressive heat that has been inflicting itself on the noble city of Tamworth and pretty much everywhere in NSW I think.

Already this year we've broken several records in Tamworth: hottest average January temperature in 25 years, hottest daily January temperature in past 10 years, and now hottest daily February temperature every recorded (since 1957). So it's all loose clothing, cold cans and water fights in old Tammy...

Driving to and from Bathurst this weekend I thought my car was going to sink into a pool of molten tar at some points. And then just to confuse me the top of the Blue Mountains is covered in fog for 80km. What the?

How is everyone else holding up? I think maybe only Julie has a claim on harsher heat conditions than here at the moment, but I may be wrong...


At 1:24 am, Blogger Johannes Oriens said...

On the subject of weather, Singapore is not as hot/extreme but has a high humidity of 90%...
I have been celebrating CNY with relatives and have seen 2 movies-"Syriana" (starring Geoerge Clooney & Matt Damon) and "Fearless" (one of the typical martial arts films, starring Jet Li)...has anyone seen "Memoirs of a Geisha"? I heard it's pretty good...
Will be returning to Sydney this Thursday 16th Feb...can't wait!

At 1:41 pm, Blogger Kim Hoaaaaaaaaaaa said...

Ah the weather, such a trusty yet in my opinion bland topic of conversation. I hate it when the conversation turns to the weather as it means you haven't got very good conversational skills or your just too lazy to think of something better.

I do however like the title of Matt's original post.

In answer to Sean's questions I haven't seen Memoirs of a Geisha but would really love to. It looks amazing.

In terms of 'cool' topics for conversation, has anyone been watching the Winter Olympics. I watched the opening ceremony (which in my mind had some very cool acts (or hot) depending on which way you look at it and have been keeping my eye on the proceedings, but I'm bewildered by some of the names they give to moves in different sports. Like for instance in the snowboarding. I can't even remember the names, but I do remember thinking what the!!!!!!.

Or maybe on a different topic, The upcoming Oscars for those of us who are into all the glitz and glam. One movie that is screening at the moment in cinemas across the world is getting mixed reactions - yes i'm talking about Brokeback Mountain. Anyone seen it? I'm not sure I will.

What about the latest political debate about the abortion pill RU486? One angle that I don't think has been picked up too much by the media is the multiple uses for the pill. It can also be used as a treatment for some forms of cancer. This is a huge decision, but the new amendments that have come in have made it even more confusing!!! Has anyone else been watching this topic unfold on telly or is it just me with way too much time on my hands!!

I could go on, but I think this is already a huge post anyway. Just some more things to talk about and for me to practice my touch typing in time to go back to University.

I'll also be getting into Sydney this Thursday so Sean I'll be seeing you soon, and as for everyone else, I'll see you when u get back!

O'week here we come!!!!!!!!!!!


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