Friday, January 20, 2006

10 things I miss about Sydney

Violet Crumble's list of 10 things she misses about Sydney:

10. All the pretty, blue, air-conditioned busses. Trust me, you'll miss it too when you come here and see what the busses here look like :(

9.Indian food...especially my beloved old haunt, Oxford St. Indian. They once made an Indian dessert just for me :D

8.Living so close to the city. And I mean a fun,vibrant,friendly,lively Sydney city,NOT downtown T.O...*sigh*

7.The beaches. The ability to go to the beach in between classes. The fact that UNSW was within walking/bussing distance to all the major beaches in Sydney. The fact that there are any beaches AT ALL.

6.The fact that it only takes 7 hours go home to Jakarta from Sydney (I DON'T miss Qantas' vegetarian meal though *gag*).

5.Cheap,healthy food...ESPECIALLY muesli. I'm actually thinking of setting up an extra-sultana muesli factory here.Anyone want to invest???

4.UNSW...where professors are called by their first names, where tutors are doctoral candidates, where marks are distributed fairly, where full load is 4 subjects, the pretty CLB :D, and all the friends I made there.

3.Being able to wear a sweater over a tanktop in winter.Enough said.

2.Hillsong.I don't care if half of Sydney disses my church,it's the closest thing to a home church away from home I've ever had.

1.New College,New College,New College...greasy Eurest (oops sorry,SCHOLArest :D),free food in multiple suppers,my tiny dusty corner room,people making fun of my degree,basining (don't we all),all the pranks,my bible study groups,and most of all,my friends...thanks for letting me be a part of 1AB you guys,and I wish I was still there...


At 11:15 pm, Blogger redbach said...

Hey Mel! Good to hear from you again and also good to hear that you've been missing us as much as we missed you. Our quote board postings slowed quite a bit when you left... I think Hugh decided to become four times as random just to compensate.

So where are you currently? Are you on summer (or winter) break still?

At 2:50 pm, Blogger Kim Hoaaaaaaaaaaa said...

Hey Mel!!!! Long time no talk! Missing you heaps - it is great to hear from you!

Matt is right about the quote board slowing down - but we did end up with 8 quote boards, or was it 9? I can't remember.

Anyways, hope you are doing well and even though you don't have the joys of Scholarest I hope this year is a good one for you!

Love Kim.

At 5:15 pm, Blogger redbach said...

Actually it was 10 quote boards... though I would say the last one was a little questionable. It had none of the quality or class of the first four :-S

At 8:43 am, Blogger Julie said...

MEL!!!! Here is sympathy from me. Its ok - north america is survivable, I promise! Even though it isn't sydney. :( I hope uni in Toronto gets better, and you find a church that you like! And when I get back to the US - if you need someone to come visit I will be there.

At 4:27 pm, Blogger ~MeL AKA vIoLeT cRuMbLe~ said...

Thanks you's good to know that my quotes live on :D Anyhow,maybe Toronto isn't that bad even though it's not Sydney...ooh just remembered another thing I missed about OZ...Tim Tams!!!'Scuse me while I drool.It's the end of W3 of 2nd semester btw.Happy Chinese New Year Renee (and Kim?).

At 1:49 pm, Blogger Renee said...

Happy Chinese New Year to you too! What's your postal address?

At 4:57 pm, Blogger Kim Hoaaaaaaaaaaa said...

Hey mel,

Happy Chinese New Year to you also!

I personally think that Tim Tams are over-rated or maybe it's just college that has turned me away from them, but I personally never get cravings for Tim Tams. I would rather a bag of Kettle Chips over a packet of Tim Tams anyday!

Maybe I'm on my own on this one?

One more rambling about Tim Tams - they aren't even Australian owned anymore. An american company owns them - and I think they tried to get them onto the American market but failed! i don't understand!

Well, enough rambling,
see you round.

At 3:41 pm, Blogger ~MeL AKA vIoLeT cRuMbLe~ said...

Oh yeah,my Canadian address is:
61 Town Centre Court suite 502A
Scarborough,ON M1P 5C5,Canada
Kim (or should I say oh Captain my Captain :D),I think someone did tell me Tim Tam's like owned by an American company...Nabisco??And so is Vegemite!!Ooh,we have Vegemite in all sizes now in used to only come in the medium-sized bottles!Now I can get my vit.B in teeny tiny bottles :p

At 5:16 pm, Blogger redbach said...

[Mel] Kim (or should I say oh Captain my Captain :D)

Aha! I have found someone else who's actually seen and remembers Dead Poets' Society. I loved that film... haven't seen it in years though.

Regarding the size of available Vegemite jars, the question remains: why would you want to buy Vegemite in teeny tiny bottles? Real Australians eat it with a spoon of course :-P

At 9:12 pm, Blogger Kim Hoaaaaaaaaaaa said...

[Matt]"Real Australians eat it with a spoon of course :-P"

Well, technically real australians wouldn't use spoons. Wouldn't they just use their fingers....?

Just teasing:p

I haven't been called Captain for most of the holidays and was getting used to it not being said! If only that would last, I can't even escape it on a website. I just hope my first speech doesn't contain too many statements of the bleeding obvious!

I think it would be cute to have vegemite in teeny tiny bottles. it's just like those packets of vegemite we have at college, except it would look cuter because they would be in little jars instead. Speaking of vegemite I wanted some this morning to have on my toast, but to my dismay there was no vegemite to be found. Ah well, I'll just have to go buy some when I come back from Kate and Dan's wedding! YAY.

At 10:40 am, Blogger redbach said...

The sign of a good orator is one who can make their thesis in whatever subject they are presenting appear to be the most bleedingly obvious position to take. You can't convince people to agree with you with a stick; you must use a carrot (intrinsic persuasion). Therefore in your opening speech, Kim, the number of captain salutes you receive is perhaps suggestive of the quality of your oration?


At 12:53 pm, Blogger ~MeL AKA vIoLeT cRuMbLe~ said...

[Matt] "Therefore in your opening speech, Kim, the number of captain salutes you receive is perhaps suggestive of the quality of your oration?" - He's right Kim,although I can see why Captain salutes could seem deregatory to you when ppl like Arend do it :D But trust me,I would kill my neighbour to see you make your maiden speech and give you multiple Captain salutes and maybe recite the whole poem as well :p And yes Matt,who can forget DPS,I watched it with my year 9 class and my (also) very inspiring teacher (who happened to be from Queensland btw!).Oh,is there any chance I could post my dirty,polluted,hot,crowded home town Jakarta's website on the Yokel list?


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